If you are a current member of WW, you already know that you start out with a personalized questionnaire, this is also available to members. This free Weight Watchers Meal plan includes the new Smartpoints for each color plan. This also works for those on the FlexPlan. There are no forbidden foods on Weight Watchers, but if you want the diet to work consider most sweets to be an occasional treat or reward. The latest update to the Weight Watchers program has created a need for this Weight Watchers FreeStyle Plan One Week Menu Plan.. Diet Plans at Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers Craft your own high fiber, low calorie diet with Weight Watchers flexible points system; an enjoyable path to slow and steady weight loss from a time-tested name. Original 1960s Weight Watchers Plan. Weight Watchers changed their Freestyle program at the end of 2019. Lose weight and feel great with our Weight Watchers 3-Day Zero Points Meal Plan.What would happen if you ate only zero point foods for a few days? Digital, Studio, Coaching. Here is my first 30 Day Weight Watchers Meal Plan that helped me lose almost 20 pounds. The Flex Plan allows you a variety of food that has point value. Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt, Non-Fat, Flavor of Choice – MyWW Blue 2 points, MyWW Green 2 points, MyWW Purple 2 points.. Almonds, whole, ¼ cup – 4 Freestyle points, MyWW Purple 4 points, MyWW Blue 4 points, MyWW Green 4 points. Blue Apron is a meal kit service designed to make preparing healthy meals at home easy, fun, and affordable. One of the number one topics in the Weight Watchers groups I'm in is meal plans, especially for those who only get 23 points each day. If you started the Weight Watchers Freestyle program recently, you may be shocked at how few points you get compared to some of the older plans. Weight Watchers Plans Before Points Earlier this week my mom and I were talking about Weight Watchers and our experience with their programs. They provide different programs that allow customers to choose between digital diet plan, personal coaching, and interactive meetings. The weight watchers diet plan allows you to eat anything you like but you have to count points. Weight Watchers is a proven and effective program for those who want to lose weight. When you follow the weight watchers diet program, basically each food is assigned points. Best weight loss programs for 2021: Weight Watchers, Noom, Jenny Craig and more. It is based on 23 SmartPoints per day but allows you to add in more pointed foods to help meet higher point needs. The program stresses the importance of overall mental and physical health and well-being. This is more of a lifestyle change than a diet plan that you could pick up and follow. Yay! How Weight Watchers Works. In December 2019, Weight Watchers rolled out their new plan. If you are wanting a general guide on all the plans take a look at ‘What is the new Weight Watchers plan?’ Hopefully that should answer some of the more generic questions about the new myWW plans. The information on this site is based on research, but should not be treated as medical advice. Despite the plan changes, Weight Watchers is still offering the same 3 tiers of membership. Being plant-based while doing Weight Watchers is a juggle at times, but it isn’t impossible! With the new Weight Watchers points system that includes 100, 200 or 300 zero point foods on MyWW Green, Blue, or Purple plans, it’s possible.. Digital: This is online only and gives you access to their app to keep track of your daily food points as well as gain access to their community, recipes, and daily tips.